A digital agency focused on startups.

MOKKO is a full-service design and development agency with a high performance team.Our clients are all startups: SafeStart, MedSpotting, Tiffinity, MedMatch and more.We build websites and apps with flexible technology choices to bring your idea to market.


MedSpotting connects patients with physicians to deliver non-emergency care in your home - the return of the house call, for all.

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Ever dreamed of having homemade food without cooking it yourself? Well, here's your chance! We'll bring it right to your mouth.

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SafeStart is a HIPAA compliant surgical safety system that minimizes or eliminates information erros and improves surgical outcomes.

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NewsDeck by Mokko

NewsDeck by Mokko is a refreshingly simple take on the news reader experience. Just swipe for stories. News Deck has stories from 70 of the world's top news sources (powered by NewsApi.org).

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Jobseeker Dashboard in AngularJS. MedMatch helps match doctors and hospitals to simplify an often long and cumbersome employment process. Hospitals now can search experienced doctors and review their profile online easily.

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LiveXp is a live event analytics that uses audience insights to drive customer retention and revenue.

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Easily calculate employee paychecks and withholdings

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